Co-founder & Head of AiLab: Dr. John Flackett

  • PhD Artificial Intelligence
  • International Speaker
  • Educator
  • Advisor
  • Software Engineer
  • Twitter: @drpuffa

Artificial Intelligence is John's passion and has been an integral part of his career via teaching, research, business and education. A leader in his field, John has 20+ years' experience in Artificial Intelligence and achieved his a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)) in 2005.

John is interested in numerous aspects of AI and cognitive science, in particular; representational adequacies, NLP, feature extraction, signal fusion and hybrid systems.

A renown international Artificial Intelligence speaker, John runs workshops and presents at events around the world presenting key insights on AI and emerging technology’s future impact on society and the workforce. As an AI advisor with contributions in government, education, industry and community, John is among an elite group of experts regularly called upon to share his perspectives and frequently contributes to media interviews, radio discussions, publications and roundtables.

Previously a Senior Academic for 10 years, teaching masters and undergraduate Artificial Intelligence and undergraduate Computer Studies and Software Engineering at a UK University, John's also worked in a wide range of industries and sectors (including banking, government and engineering).

Since migrating from the UK to Australia in 2006, John has co-founded two businesses; the smart web specialist company koolth that empowers businesses with next generation online tools and delivers cutting-edge technology solutions and consultancy to a host of industries across the globe and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AiLab) – John’s second business venture with co-founder Emma Berry.

His academic and business career was recently featured in the Million Plus 'Think Modern' campaign that launched in the UK at the Palace of Westminster in May 2019. The Think Modern campaign is a showcase of the very best of the UK's modern universities and John was featured as the Solent University spotlight on page 24 of the Think Modern report. Download the report PDF to find out more.

As a Software Engineer, John is the architect of bespoke software solutions used in global sectors (including retail, oil, gas, education and IT). These software solutions are being used throughout Australia and around the world.

John is also the co-founder and organiser of the popular Adelaide Artificial Intelligence Meetup series, which is the largest AI networking community in South Australia. He is also fortunate to have picked up a couple of awards throughout his career, including multiple GovHack prizes and a British Computer Society (BCS) award.

In his spare time, John enjoys assisting with technology/hackathon events and social good initiatives, as well mentoring individuals and businesses in the tech community. Passionate about AI and his craft, John is dedicated to collaborating, educating and building AI awareness across the globe.

Education & Academia

John has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), PgC in Research and First Class Honours in Computer Studies. As well as his role as a senior academic teaching masters and undergraduate Artificial Intelligence and undergraduate Computer Studies and Software Engineering, John was also a Cisco Java Instructor. He also was the Supervisor/Coordinator of students final year undergraduate and postgraduate projects and the Supervisor for the annual, end of year Technology Degree Show for final year students at the University.

Dr. John Flackett International AI Speaker

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