AiLab = Artificial Intelligence Laboratory


AiLab enables you to navigate the Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape. We aim to lead discussions and assist individuals, academia, industry, community and government across the globe with navigating and learning the complex field of Artificial Intelligence.

Created by Co-founders Dr. John Flackett (Head) and Emma Berry (Principal) in Adelaide, South Australia, AiLab was developed through their passion for AI, education and helping the community. With a background in providing AI education, research and developing internal AI solutions for over a decade (specialising in fundamental algorithm research to create better learning machines), AiLab helps facilitate, educate and share information through expertise and knowledge via world-wide AI workshops, resources, research, events and talks.

Working and collaborating with global experts, our goal is to demystify the world of AI by providing relevant and up-to-date information about emerging technology and show how AI is transforming the world in which we live.

AiLab workshops range from beginner to advanced level and help with learning, using and transitioning into AI. We also present/talk about AI around the world, as well as run our own events (Adelaide Artificial Intelligence Meetup series) on all aspects of AI, big data and other future technology.

We pride ourselves on being a reliable, trusted, impartial and ethical source of Artificial Intelligence information and education. Our experts believe in fact-checking and verifying information for accuracy to deliver hype-free content.

AiLab is here to help build, grow and support the AI community in Australia and world-wide. If you wish to get involved or would like more information on AiLab offerings, please drop us a line.

ArtificiaI Intelligence Workshops and Talks

AiLab workplace workshops that assist with learning and navigating AI, transitioning into the AI space, using AI tools and techniques, policy development, future work and privacy/ethics surrounding AI. Find out more about our AI Workshops.

Artificial Intelligence Events, Talks and Presentations

Upcoming talks/presentations and events on all aspects of Artificial Intelligence, as well as policy, ethics, privacy, emerging technology and future work. We attend events across the globe to bring you the most current news. Find out about the latest and previous AI Events, Talks and Presentations.

Artificial Intelligence Articles and News

Verified Artificial Intelligence news collated from across the web, as well as articles, opinion pieces from AiLab experts and in-depth reports from significant events around the world (we keep you updated on the latest AI advancements). Find out more about our latest AI Articles and News.

Artificial Intelligence Resources

Collection of online and offline Artificial Intelligence resources, including useful information, easy to digest explanations, glossary of terms, publications and more! Learn more from our AI Resources.

Artificial Intelligence Interviews

Exclusive Artificial Intelligence interviews with leading experts from across the world, highlighting their work and insights on AI past, present and future. Delve into our AI Interviews.

Adelaide Artificial Intelligence Meetup

AiLab are the organisers and sponsors of the 'Adelaide Artificial Intelligence' meetup in South Australia. We aim to bring together people that are interested in Artificial Intelligence and build an inclusive, fun and informed AI community. Our goal with the meetup is to give back to the community, as well as creating a place for people to network and extend their AI skills via workshops. Visit the Adelaide Artificial Intelligence meetup group to join the community or find out more.

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