Launched in 2017, AiLab’s mission is to champion global collaboration to further AI awareness via education and the ethical development of AI solutions. AiLab helps everyone navigate and learn about the exciting field of AI. We have helped thousands of people within industry, government, community, and academia in Australia and across the globe in their AI journey via AI education programs, research, resources, and events.

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Dr. John Flackett

Co-founder & Head, AiLab

John has been working in AI for over 25 years and is a noted Artificial Intelligence international speaker – presenting key insights on AI and emerging technology's future impact on society and the workforce at workshops and events around the world. With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and contributions as an educator and advisor in government, academia, industry and community, John is also frequently called upon to share his perspectives via talks, media interviews and roundtables. Passionate about creating environments where people can learn more AI, John's love for education came from 10 years as senior university academic teaching AI and Software Engineering in the UK. John has also worked with a range of industries developing commercial grade software for use in major corporations around the world. He has received various awards and featured in the UK's 2019 Million Plus campaign that launched at the Palace of Westminster.

John is the Co-founder and Head of AiLab (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) and Co-founder of koolth. He is also the AI Specialist in Residence and AI Ambassador for Auckland University of Technology and Co-founder of the largest AI networking community in South Australia. Specialising in fundamental algorithm research to create more advanced learning machines, John is interested in numerous aspects of AI and cognitive science, in particular, representational adequacies, Natural Language Processing, feature extraction, signal fusion & hybrid systems for applied AI.

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Emma Berry

Co-founder & Director, AiLab

Emma is the Co-founder of multiple tech companies. As Co-founder and Director of AiLab (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), Emma is driven by a desire to make Artificial Intelligence relatable and accessible to all and is dedicated to bringing AI education to the widest possible audience across the globe. Passionate about advancing women in technology (especially in AI), Emma has a wealth of experience developing AI education programs and initiatives for industry and the AI community.

An advocate of utilising technology to deliver powerful, automated solutions and experiences, Emma is also the Co-founder and Creative Director at the smart web company kooth; designing next-generation online solutions that empower businesses.

Emma gives her time to develop community initiatives and events that encourage diversity – including being the Co-founder of the Adelaide AI meetup series in South Australia. Emma is also a board advisor and provides mentoring for individuals and businesses in the technology community.