AiLab Masterclass: 1-Day Executive AI

  • Aimed at decision makers (C-Suite/Executives)
  • Location: Global (workplace)
AiLab: 1-Day Executive AI Masterclass

1-Day Executive AI Masterclass: Leveraging AI for Strategic Advantage

PLEASE NOTE: We provide this AiLab masterclass in-person. To make an enquiry about this masterclass, please use the enquiry form at the bottom of the page or call us on via the relevant country telephone number on our contact page.

AI Masterclass Overview

Aimed at decision makers (C-Suite/Executives) who seek to learn about leveraging AI for strategic advantage

Our 1-day intensive AI masterclass provides business leaders with a comprehensive understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its strategic implications for business.

This expert-led, interactive masterclass provides a unique opportunity to learn about AI and explore real-world implementations. This masterclass develops the necessary knowledge required to help design an AI strategy that aligns with both business objectives and ethical standards.

With a focus on real-world applications, ethical considerations and organisational deployment challenges, this masterclass aims to equip leaders with the knowledge and tools to effectively integrate AI into their business strategies.

This 1-day masterclass is for small groups (max number applies) and compliments our other professional AI education workshops, masterclasses and talks.

AI Masterclass Structure

  • Welcome
  • Session 1 – Demystifying AI
    • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    • Overview of AI technologies
    • Real-world examples of AI
  • …break…before delving deeper…
  • Session 2 – AI Opportunities & Business Impact
    • Identifying AI opportunities
    • AI case studies
    • Interactive group activity (outcome based)
  • …break…before delving deeper…
  • Session 3 – Ethical AI & Governance
    • Ethical considerations in AI
    • Frameworks for AI governance
    • Group discussion (outcome based)
  • …break…before delving deeper…
  • Session 4 – Creating an AI Strategy for Your Organisation
    • Developing an effective AI business strategy
    • Overcoming organisational challenges and provider risks
    • Workshop: Crafting a preliminary AI strategy
  • Q&A Session & Next Steps
    • Summary and closing remarks.

AI Masterclass Outcomes

Attendees will leave the masterclass with:

  • A solid understanding of AI technologies and their potential impact on their industry.
  • Insight into the ethical deployment of AI and frameworks for governance.
  • An actionable initial AI strategy tailored to their organisation’s needs.
  • Enhanced ability to lead their organisations in the age of AI.

Unique Masterclass Features

  • Expert-Led Masterclass: Gain insights from AI expert (PhD in AI with over 25 years experience).
  • Interactive Case Studies: Engage with real scenarios that demonstrate successful AI applications and pitfalls.
  • Customisable AI Strategy: Leave with a tailored action plan specific to your organisational needs.
  • Digital Badge Award: Recognition and acknowledgement of newly gained AI-based skills (CPD).
  • Post-Masterclass Support: Add-on access to follow-up consultations to assist with AI strategy implementation and with continued learning.
  • Independant Provider: AiLab is 100% family operated and owned, providing independant expertise, knowledge and education.

AI Masterclass Digital Badge

Upon completion of the workshop, you will be provided with access to your own digital badge that validates your new AI-based skills. Digial Badges can form part of continuing professional development (CPD) and can be easily referenced, searched and tracked online.

AI Masterclass Prerequisites

AiLab workshops are fun and interactive learning environments. Participants can bring along the following optional items:

  • An internet connected device (e.g., laptop)
  • Your own notebook (pen & paper will be provided).

Dr. John Flackett: AiLab Masterclass Facilitator

Co-founder/Head of AiLab

Twitter Handles: @drjohnflackett | @_AiLab
LinkedIn: John's Profile

Dr. John Flackett is a noted Artificial Intelligence international speaker and educator. A leader and expert in his field with over 25+ years of AI experience, John presents key insights on AI and emerging technology’s future impact on society and the workforce at events and workshops around the globe. With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and contributions as an educator and advisor in government, academia, industry and community, John is also frequently called upon to share his perspectives via talks, media interviews and publications. View John’s full profile on AiLab.

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