AI Workshops and Talks

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a business strategy and choosing the right AI solutions are major hurdles for many organisations.

To address this need, AiLab provide a range of custom in-person and online AI workshops that help prepare key stakeholders for provider engagement (pre-vendor planning) and assist organisations with developing the necessary knowledge to successfully identify AI projects, plan AI strategies and understand the complex world of AI to make informed business decisions required to become AI ready.

AiLab's online and in-person workshops help define internal AI data policy and governance frameworks and strategies for internal AI development, including helping technologists transition into using AI tools and techniques.

Key benefits of learning with AiLab include:

  • Expert-Led Masterclass: Gain insights from AI expert with a PhD in AI with nearly 30 years experience.
  • Digital Badge Award: Recognition and acknowledgement of newly gained AI-based skills (CPD).
  • Post-Masterclass Support: Add-on access to follow-up consultations to assist with continued learning.
  • Excellent Return on Investment (ROI): Preparing and empowering individuals to understand the complex AI landscape.
  • Independent Provider: AiLab is 100% family operated and owned, providing expert and independent knowledge and education.
  • Professional, trusted AI education: Hype-free in a fun and friendly format.

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