AiLab collaborates and partners with organisations to support our mission to build global Artificial Intelligence (AI) awareness and continuing to bring our AI education to the wider community.

If you are interested in partnering with AiLab, please drop us a line.

AiLab Partner: Solent Business & Skills Solutions (SBSS) – Business Directory

Southampton & Portsmouth, UK

AiLab are thrilled to be named a trusted provider as part of the Solent Business & Skills Solutions Business Directory in the UK offered by Southampton City Council and Portsmouth City Council. The comprehensive directory features local resources and trusted providers with proven track records of success. We're excited to help more businesses in Southampton and Portsmouth regions learn about Artificial Intelligence.

View the SBSS Business Directory to find out more.

AiLab Partner: Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Auckland, New Zealand

AiLab have partnered with Auckland University of Technology (AUT) to launch 'AiLab at AUT', which will promote Artificial Intelligence and knowledge engineering technologies across faculties and groups at AUT, as well as act as a conduit between academic research and commercial partners. AiLab are excited to expand into New Zealand to launch another AiLab, whilst AiLab's Co-founder, Dr. John Flackett, will also be undertaking the role of AUT’s AI Specialist in Residence & AI Ambassador, whilst setting up our new AiLab at AUT.

View AiLab's AUT partner page to find out more about their work.

AiLab Partner: AIML at University of Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia

The partnership between AiLab and the AIML at the University of Adelaide is a significant driver in South Australia’s AI skills development and adoption of emerging technologies. This collaboration between industry and academia provides opportunities to apply cutting-edge research in real world projects, which in turn generates investment attraction leading to job and economic growth.

View AiLab's AIML partner page to find out more about their work.