AI-powered Data Governance Education System


AiLab in collaboration with AI Forum, are proud to sponsor and initiate an Artificial Intelligence research project working with a team of Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences (BCIS) students from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in New Zealand.

Research Project Overview

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is imperative that business leaders understand how their organistion manages and uses the data required to power automated processes. It is equally important for SME’s and organisations to understand the significant assets held within their data and start to understand how to unlock these rich sources.

This project aims to educate C-suite executives via the design and development of AI-powered online conversational agent(s) to help the user navigate and understand the key concepts around data governance, automated decision making and commercial value of good data. The initial focus is to develop a text-based interactive interface (i.e., chatbot) with a further goal to offer other types of human-machine interaction (e.g., voice).

Research Project Outcomes

This project aims to deliver an online conversational agent that facilitates learning of core data governance ideas within an organisation. The software will provide an accessible, web-based interface that sits on top of a carefully structured framework that allows for the creation and delivery of additional elearning modules.

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Research Project Team

Dr. John Flackett

Project Mentor/Sponsor

Co-founder & Head, AiLab & AI Specialist in Residence, AUT

Emma Naji

Project Mentor/Sponsor

Executive Director, AI Forum Of New Zealand

Dr. Mahsa Mohaghegh

Project Supervisor

Director Women in Tech and Senior Lecturer at AUT – Founder She Sharp

Azimah Ali

BCIS Student (AUT) – Studying: Major in Computer Science and Computer Network and Security.

Interests: Cybersecurity, Video-editing, Technical drawing/Art, Comic books, Sporting and Outdoor Activities.

Thoughts on the project: This project is outside of my field and the first time I will be working on a project for a company. I understand and agree with the rationale of this project and believe that educating and bringing awareness to C-Suite Executives about Data Governance will minimise the risks. Although a challenge, I am glad to have the opportunity to be involved in this project and looking forward to explore the topics of AI/Machine Learning, Data Governance, and Chatbots in New Zealand.

Robert Ankersmit

BCIS Student (AUT) – Studying: Major in Software Development.

Interests: Web development, cycling, sailing, AI (software intelligence), high level object orientated programming languages.

Thoughts on the project: Being on a project that has real world applications and has the potential to help address the mismanagement of data in business, is something else entirely. The project definitely has some challenges, then again if it was easy it would not be any fun! AiLab are a whole lot of fun! They bring professionalism as well as a great attitude whenever our team interacts with them.

Brendan Khaw

BCIS Student (AUT) Studying: Major in Software Development and Minor in Creative Technologies.

Interests: Interests: Full-Stack Web Developer, Artificial Intelligence, Creative Technology, Gym.

Thoughts on the project: This is the first time that I am experiencing what it is like to work in the real world, and I am glad that it is this project. I respect and admire the purpose of this project as the outcome can benefit New Zealand as a country into taking a big step forward. This will help C-Suite executives in New Zealand gain a competitive advantage, so I am happy that I can make this happen by researching & developing a successful product.

Brett Norton

BCIS Student (AUT) Studying: Double Major in Software Development and Computational Intelligence.

Interests: Full-Stack App Development, Artificial Intelligence, Croquet.

Thoughts on the project: This project is a huge opportunity to connect with leading figures in the Artificial Intelligence community within Australasia. More than that though, there are potentially big implications for how businesses in this area operate and I am excited about playing a part.

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

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AUT is New Zealand’s second largest university and home to 17 schools and more than 60 world-class research institutes and centres. AUT is ranked #1 in New Zealand for global research impact and #1 for international outlook, reflecting the fact that AUT staff have collaborated on research projects with 140 different countries and worked with more than 5,000 industry partners around the world.

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