AiLab Workshop: Navigating Artificial Intelligence

  • Ideal hands-on introduction into Artificial Intelligence
  • Location: Global (workplace)

Navigating Artificial Intelligence: Workshop Overview

NOTE: We provide all AiLab workshops virtually/online, as well as in-person.

Navigating Artificial Intelligence workshop is an introduction to the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence. This workshop compliments our other professional AI education workshops.

During this workshop, Dr. John Flackett explores AI and what has driven its explosion into the mainstream technology sector in recent years. Learn how AI tools and techniques are being used across a range of businesses and government services. John also busts some of the AI myths and explains how companies might start employing AI systems.

This 4 hour workshop is for groups of 5 or more (max number applies) and is suitable for beginners.

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AiLab provide workshops around the globe, which can be tailored to your needs. Workshops can be held either virtually/online or at an AiLab venue (drinks and snacks will also be provided) or alternatively, can be hosted at your workplace. Facilitator presentation technology will be required for workplace workshops (e.g. connection for laptop to projector). To make a workshop enquiry, please use the enquiry form at the bottom of the page or call us on +61 (0) 8 8464 0787.

Navigating Artificial Intelligence: Workshop Structure

  • Introducing AiLab & workshop goals
  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Exploring real-world AI examples
  • Dispelling AI myths
  • Bias, Ethics & Privacy
  • Hands-On: Training an AI/Machine Learning (ML) system
  • …break…before delving deeper…
  • Are you ready for AI? (Data, Computation & Talent)
  • What problems suit AI solutions?
  • Risks and rewards of integrating AI
  • Hands-On: How to start employing AI: Use Case & scope
  • Summary and next steps
  • Learn more with AiLab!

Navigating Artificial Intelligence: Workshop Outcomes

A fundamental understanding of what Artificial Intelligence is and how businesses are employing AI tools and techniques. The insights gained in understanding the current trends in AI can be used to critically examine how (and to what extent) AI is being used and deployed. Other outcomes from the workshop include:

  • Hands-on experience with training an AI/ML system.
  • Understanding of how to identify a project suitable to AI.
  • Insights into managing the unique aspects of an AI project (scope, data and talent).

Navigating Artificial Intelligence: Workshop Resources

Upon completion of the workshop, you will be provided with a certificate of completion and online access to unique AiLab supporting resources. These resources will compliment the topics covered in the workshop.

Navigating Artificial Intelligence: Workshop Requirements

AiLab workshops are fun and interactive learning environments. During this workshop we will get hands-on with machine learning examples which you can run yourself on your own internet connected device. Participants can bring along the following optional items:

  • An internet connected device (e.g., laptop)
  • Your own notebook (pen & paper will be provided.

Dr. John Flackett: AiLab Workshop Facilitator

Co-founder/Head of AiLab and Co-Founder/Director of koolth

Twitter Handles: @drjohnflackett | @_AiLab
LinkedIn: John's Profile

Dr. John Flackett is a noted Artificial Intelligence international speaker. A leader in his field and over 25+ years of AI experience, John presents key insights on AI and emerging technology’s future impact on society and the workforce at events and workshops around the globe. With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and contributions as an educator and advisor in government, academia, industry and community, John is also frequently called upon to share his perspectives via talks, media interviews and roundtables. View John’s full profile on AiLab.

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