AiLab Partner: Australian Institute for Machine Learning, University of Adelaide


AIML & AiLab Partnership

The partnership between AiLab and the AIML is a significant driver in South Australia’s AI skills development and adoption of emerging technologies. This collaboration between industry and academia provides opportunities to apply cutting-edge research in real world projects, which in turn generates investment attraction leading to job and economic growth.

View the AiLab Media Release for further details on our partnership with AIML.

About AIML

The AIML at the University of Adelaide is one of the best machine learning research groups in the world. The AIML is focused on high-quality high-impact research in artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning.

The quality of AIML’s work is elite and regularly featured on the podium in competitive international machine learning challenges. AIML is ranked number 3 globally in terms of papers in high-quality computer vision conferences, and in recent years has placed first on international leader boards including Cityscapes, VQA, the REFUGE challenge, and Microsoft’s COCO Captioning Challenge.

Already topping 100 members, AIML’s world-recognised team is growing fast and set to move into state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities in one of the world’s most advanced technology precincts, LotFourteen, in 2019.

To find out more about Australia’s largest machine learning research group via their website or use the contact form below and we will connect you with AIML.

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