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Adelaide Artificial Intelligence (Adelaide AI) Meetup Event Series

AiLab are the proud founders, organisers and sponsor of the Adelaide Artificial Intelligence (Adelaide AI) Meetup – the largest Artificial Intelligence networking group in South Australia. Launched on the 23rd August 2018, Adelaide AI is a series of free events for anyone who has an interest in AI and wants to learn more about the exciting field. It provides a networking platform that brings together leading industry speakers to promote the latest in AI to a supportive community. It's also an opportunity for individuals to join a community where like-minded people can discover and discuss the latest in AI in a fun and friendly format.

AiLab are passionate about AI and our goal is to build a inclusive, diverse and informed AI community. Using AiLab's global networks, we are actively encouraging and growing the Adelaide AI community that includes developers, middle/high-level managers, startups, industry leaders, academia and government.

With 1200+ Adelaide AI Meetup members and sold out events in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, we are excited to be part of helping build awareness about AI and to assist with supporting the AI community. Whether you’re a professional, a developer, an enthusiast, or just plain interested, please come along and spread the word! Drinks and nibbles are provided for all our in-person events!

Please visit Adelaide Artificial Intelligence meetup to join the community!

Adelaide AI Sponsors

AiLab are proud to sponsor Adelaide AI and we are thrilled that the University of Adelaide: Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) have continued to join us as co-sponsors. Huge thanks to the AIML for supporting the Adelaide AI meetup since 2018 and partnering with AiLab.

Special thanks also the City of Adelaide, who have sponsored and partnered with us for our special Adelaide AI events in 2019 – we really appreciate the partnership and support.

The support from sponsors enables us to produce and deliver great events for the AI community. If you would like to join us in sponsoring the Adelaide AI Meetup, please get in touch.

Adelaide AI Details

Host/Organiser: AiLab: Dr. John Flackett
Meetup Page: Adelaide Artificial Intelligence
Hastags: #AdelaideAI #AAIMeetup #AiLab

If you would be interested in volunteering to help or would like to speak at one of our events to share you knowledge and experience in AI via your business, study, research, teaching or career path, please contact us.

Next Adelaide AI meetup

Stay tuned for details about the next Adelaide AI meetup.

Event Sponsorship: Adelaide Artificial Intelligence

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Adelaide AI Feedback

"The event was conducted by real application cases and real people working in the AI field."

"The whole event was clearly carefully planned and executed to prove maximum benefit to the wisest possible demographic. I love that AiLab’s events never feel cold or manufactured, and are always collaborative, engaging and useful!"

"The event had a huge impact, I left feeling inspired and excited about A.I."

“An excellent line up of high profile speakers providing big picture concepts and cutting edge examples of big projects, as well as people presenting practical applications of new technology within their organisations. A great opportunity to learn more in the AI space.”

“A great opportunity to network with industry leaders, while providing a showcase of local and global successes in AI and emerging tech. It provided some powerful practical learnings that I am looking to apply.”

“Really great event, well done!”

“I found this a great inaugural event with interesting speakers and a great opportunity to network.”

“Good to come together with like-minded people who share a common goal.”

“Very interesting event. Thank you for organising it. I am looking forward to attending the next one.”

“Thank you for a fantastic event last night. So interesting and exciting... (Even if I am just a simple old school banker!!)”

“Thank you for organising the meetup yesterday. It was exhilarating to discover such a growing community of people interested in AI in Adelaide.”

“Great Meetup and hope to partner or do something together one day. Well done and congratulations.”

“Awesome event in Adelaide tonight. Please keep me posted.”

“Loved the AI meet up at Bendigo Bank. Hope to learn more.”

AiLab and koolth event sponsors