AiLab Workshop: Using AI Tools & Techniques

  • Practical, hands on experience with AI Tools & Techniques
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  • Location: Global (workplace)
AiLab Workshop: Using AI Tools & Techniques

Using AI Tools & Techniques Overview

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Using AI Tools & Techniques workshop is the third in a series of AiLab’s hands-on workshops on AI, emerging technology and future jobs.

Using AI Tools & Techniques is a practical workshop for developers who wish to learn about and experience the latest toolsets for developing solutions using Artificial Intelligence techniques. During this workshop, participants will design, build and deploy software solutions using well-known cloud providers and their AI toolsets.

This 12 – 30 hour workshop is for groups of 5 or more (max number applies) and is advanced level. Drinks and lunch will also be provided. :-)

AiLab provide private workplace workshops that are run globally and can be tailored to your needs. To make a private workshop enquiry, please use the form at the bottom of the page or call us on +61 (0) 8 8464 0787.

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