Workshop: AI, Automation & Future Jobs

  • Future jobs in a world of emerging tech
  • Location: Global (workplace)

AI, Automation and Future Jobs workshop is an introduction to Artificial Intelligence, emerging technology and the impact on future jobs/work.

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Workshop Overview

What is Artificial Intelligence and how are businesses employing current AI tools and techniques? This workshop explores the impact AI and automation is having within industry and the effect on future jobs. Workforce and management awareness, lifelong learning and re-skilling play important roles in preparing for Industry 4.0..

This 1 – 4 hour workshop is for groups of 5 or more (max number applies) and is suitable for beginners.

Drinks and snacks will also be provided. :-)

Workshop Structure

  • Introducing AiLab
  • Automation and job enhancement/replacement
  • Education and research
  • What is AI and why does it matter?
  • Dispelling current AI myths and examples of AI being employed
  • What effect does AI and automation have on jobs
  • What opportunities exist around Future Jobs
  • Learn more with AiLab!
  • Q&A

Workshop Outcomes

This workshop provides attendees with a knowledge of how AI and automation impacts jobs and business opportunities. Drawing on the latest research and real-world case-studies, the main objective from the workshop is to provide an understanding of how emerging tech is reshaping future jobs.

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