Guest Lecture: A Quick Guide to AI – Dr. John Flackett


Auckland University of Technology

Event Testimonial for Dr. John Flackett

"My MBA class at the Auckland University of Technology in Auckland, (NZ) were lucky enough to learn from John Flackett today. What an eye-opening, exhilarating joy-ride of rich informative, deep diving into cyberspace where opportunities and risks grow alongside each other. The lecture offered tremendously useful business insights and prompted students to think deeply about their role as business executives into the bright future where generative Ai can augment humans' tremendous brainpower. There was absolutely no better way to spend this learning hour, than listening to the insights offered by John. THANK YOU!" – Dr. Rouxelle De Villiers, AUT

Dr. John Flackett Guest Lecture

Talk Title: A Quick Guide to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Join Artificial Intelligence expert, Dr John Flackett (PhD in AI) the Co-Founder and Head of AiLab, who will present an overview of AI and discuss why everyone is talking about using AI in business.

The last few years have seen interest in AI tools and techniques grow to unprecedented levels (e.g. ChatGPT), but how can we navigate the hype and understand what AI really is and what this technology has to offer?

John will provide valuable insights about AI and the opportunities for use.

This guest lecture will be held online for MBA students with the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Business School.

Event Details

This guest lecture will be on Thursday 6th June 2024 at 8.00pm (NZST) and will take place online.

Dr. John Flackett: Artificial Intelligence Speaker

Co-founder/Head of AiLab

Twitter Handles: @drjohnflackett | @_AiLab
LinkedIn: John's Profile

Dr. John Flackett is a noted Artificial Intelligence international speaker and educator. A leader and expert in his field with 30 years of AI experience, John presents key insights on AI and emerging technology’s future impact on society and the workforce at events and workshops around the globe. With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and contributions as an educator and advisor in government, academia, industry and community, John is also frequently called upon to share his perspectives via talks, media interviews and publications. View John’s full profile on AiLab.

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John presents at events and facilitates workshops across the world. If you would like him to speak at your next workshop, event, convention or conference, please drop us a line.

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