Panel: How Coronavirus Transformed Our Use Of Technology – Dr. John Flackett

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  • 30 July 2020 4:00 pm

MYOB: Techweek 2020

MYOB Testimonial for Dr. John Flackett

"It was a privilege to have Dr. John Flackett speak on our panel for MYOB’s Techweek 2020 event. John is a well-considered, personable speaker whose expertise and enthusiasm is second-to-none. His passion and knowledge around AI was clear from our first interaction and his involvement was invaluable. It was a great experience working with John and we would welcome the opportunity to work with him again." – Janelle Erickson, MYOB

Dr. John Flackett Panelist

Panel Title: How Coronavirus Transformed Our Use Of Technology (and what it means for the future)

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted the global economy – and as a result, traditional operations have been transformed. New Zealand’s lockdown saw local businesses rushing to adapt to a constantly evolving ‘new normal’ and finding ways to maintain operations in the face of unprecedented restrictions.

The basis of this has been technology. Many businesses have leapt forward significantly in their use of digital resources. We’ve shared, sold, automated, streamlined and connected in ways that, as we began 2020, would have been out of the reach of many organisations.

This rapid adoption of technology was seen across numerous business sectors, and users are not planning on slowing down now. Online shopping is on the rise – couriers are getting 200 parcels per minute – work from home is finally the new norm, and technology may even hold the key to halting the spread of the virus.

Like so many things this year, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we’re looking at Techweek. So MYOB is changing up this year’s presentation to deliver – digitally, of course – a look at how our working lives have been transformed by COVID-19 and what the future holds now we’ve adapted so much, so quickly.

This event is organised by MYOB and is part of Techweek 2020 – Zealand’s largest annual digital festival of technology events that showcases and celebrates NZ innovation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Techweek 2020 will be digitally led and will take place from 27 July to 2 August 2020.

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Event Details

This event will take place on Thursday 30th July 2020 at 6.30pm (NZST) and will be streamed live online.

As a guest panelist, Dr. John Flackett will join the event virtually and will speak alongside other industry experts as part of a curated question and answer panel.

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OPENING ADDRESS: Hon Dr. Megan Woods: Minister for Housing, Energy & Resources, Research, Science & Innovation

Twitter Handles: @TechweekNZ | @MYOB | @AUTuni | @_AiLab

Event Sponsors

This event is sponsored by MYOB and Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Dr. John Flackett: Artificial Intelligence Speaker

Co-founder/Head of AiLab, AI Specialist in Residence & AI Ambassador at AUT

Twitter: @drjohnflackett | @_AiLab | LinkedIn: Dr. John Flackett | Website: AiLab

Dr. John Flackett is a noted Artificial Intelligence international speaker. A leader in his field and passionate about AI, John presents key insights on AI and emerging technology’s future impact on society and the workforce at events and workshops around the globe. With over 25 years of AI experience, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and contributions as an advisor in government, academia, industry and community, John is regularly called upon to share his perspectives via talks, media interviews, publications and roundtables. View John’s full profile on AiLab.


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MYOB is an Australian multinational corporation providing software to assist businesses with managing accounts, taxes, bookkeeping and other business services.

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

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AUT is New Zealand’s second largest university and home to 17 schools and more than 60 world-class research institutes and centres. AUT is ranked #1 in New Zealand for global research impact and #1 for international outlook, reflecting the fact that AUT staff have collaborated on research projects with 140 different countries and worked with more than 5,000 industry partners around the world.

John presents at events and facilitates workshops across the world. If you would like him to speak at your next workshop, event, convention or conference, please drop us a line.

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