Adelaide Artificial Intelligence – 5 October '20 (Virtual)

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  • Virtual Event
  • 5 October 2020 6:30 pm

We are excited to run the Adelaide AI Meetup virtually over the next coming months. Join us on Monday 5th October 2020 at 6.30pm (ACDT) for a live webinar with two speakers in the UK; James Brown & Matt Daley from rFpro – the leading simulation environment for the automotive and motorsport industries.

rFpro started as a project within a Formula 1 team in 2007. Customers include champions of every leading motorsport category and they maintain the largest library of digital road models including test tracks and race circuits for F1, NASCAR, WEC, IMSA, Indy, Formula E, Super-GT & Australian V8 Supercars.

James and Matt will discuss how rFpro has developed a means to slash the hardware costs associated with large-scale simulation that can be used to train AI models – including how Autonomous Vehicle (AV) & Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) engineers can perform complex simulations involving multiple sensors. The ground-breaking approach, Data Farming, has the potential to remove the industry’s dependence on the time-consuming, error-prone manual annotation of test data. It’s 10,000 times faster than manual techniques and provides a cost-effective way of creating the same data completely error-free.


Event Sponsors

This event is co-sponsored by AiLab and the University of Adelaide: Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) – huge thanks to our sponsors for the ongoing support for these events. See below for further details.

AiLab are the proud founders, organisers & sponsor of the Adelaide AI Meetup. Our goal is to help support & build a diverse, inclusive & informed AI community in a friendly & fun format. Whether you’re a professional, a developer, an enthusiast, or just plain interested, please come along & support our brilliant presenters.

Event Details

To attend this live webinar on Zoom you will need to register via Zoom. Webinar will start at 6:30pm (ACDT) & conclude at 8:00pm (ACDT).

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Please see below for speaker bios.

Adelaide Artificial Intelligence Speakers

Guest Speaker: James Brown

Technical Sales Engineer, rFpro

LinkedIn: James Brown | Website: rFpro

James Brown has a BSc in Software Engineering and an MSc in Software Engineering Management. He worked as a freelancer developing applications for the motorsport industry before joining the University of Southampton's human factors engineering team as a senior research assistant and part-time PhD student. His work involved the development of HMIs for automated vehicles, while his PhD focuses on the improvement of steering wheel-based control usability in motorsport. He joined rFpro in June as a technical sales engineer and human factors engineering SME.

Guest Speaker: Matt Daley

Managing Director, rFpro

LinkedIn: Matt Daley | Website: rFpro

Matt Daley is Managing Director at rFpro – the leading simulation environment for the development and testing of ADAS, autonomous vehicles, vehicle dynamics and human factor studies. His passion for his work encourages the team to push the boundaries of simulation, ensuring rFpro continually develops how the real world is modelled for its customers.

Matt’s earlier career was spent within world championship-winning F1 teams, including Ferrari and McLaren, where he honed his skill for applying fundamental engineering principles to solving important technology challenges. As part of rFpro’s expert team, Matt has enabled companies to make use of simulation in a wide variety of applications, from OEM vehicle dynamics, Tier1 sensor and system developments, through to world leading motorsports championships.

Event Host: Dr. John Flackett

Head & Co-founder, AiLab & AI Specialist in Residence, AUT

Twitter: @drjohnflackett | @_AiLab | LinkedIn: Dr. John Flackett | Website: AiLab

Dr. John Flackett is a noted Artificial Intelligence international speaker. A leader in his field and 25+ years of AI experience, John presents key insights on AI and emerging technology’s future impact on society and the workforce at events and workshops around the world. With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and contributions as an educator and advisor in government, academia, industry and community, John is also frequently called upon to share his perspectives via talks, media interviews and roundtables. View John’s full profile on AiLab.

rFpro Overview

Twitter: @rfpronews | LinkedIn: rFpro | Website: rFpro

rFpro is a simulation environment for the automotive and motorsport industries. It is used for the development and testing of autonomous vehicles, ADAS, vehicle dynamics and human factor studies – essentially anything that involves driving a vehicle. rFpro’s automotive customers are the world’s largest car manufacturers, tier one suppliers and sensor developers. We enable them to simulate, test and validate new sensors, control systems and vehicle hardware systems. The top 10 OEMs that were early adopters of rFpro technology have already launched road cars which started their development, not on a test track, but in a virtual environment using rFpro. In motorsport we are the market leader of professional driver-in-the-loop simulator software – our customers are champions of every leading motorsport category. We maintain the largest library of digital road models (digital twins) including test tracks and race circuits for F1, NASCAR, WEC, IMSA, Indy, Formula E, Super-GT and Australian V8 Supercars

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AiLab (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)

Twitter: @_AiLab | Website: AiLab

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Twitter: @TheAIML | Website: University of Adelaide, Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML)

Co-investment by the State Government and the University of Adelaide saw the concept of Australia’s first institute dedicated to research in machine learning finally come to fruition. In early 2018, the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) was officially established. Although a new Institute by name, AIML was formed from the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT), a group with a long history of delivering high-impact fundamental and applied research. The AIML's world-class research strengths lie in machine learning and the methods that support this; artificial intelligence, computer vision and deep learning.

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