Artificial Intelligence & Future of the Internet: Dr. John Flackett Speaker


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City of Unley: Dr. John Flackett Invited Speaker

Talk Title: Artificial Intelligence & Future of the Internet

Big processors and lightning-fast internet mean AI units can handle the variety, velocity, and volume of big data and translate it into something useful. Back in 2002, training an ANN on 3000 sentences took 3 weeks on an advanced, in-house Sun computer. The exponential growth of AI in recent years is down to the rise of PaaS in other words, companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft have made their powerful hardware available to the masses. Where is this processing power? In the cloud! So to make use of it we have to send all our data to these online systems.

Hear from Chris Gregory speaking about the nbn and Dr. John Flackett speaking about Artificial Intelligence. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from inspiring speakers and gain some insights into the future of business online.

Event Details

This event will be on Wednesday 14th February 2017 at 7.00am and will be held at Unley Town Hall, Oxford Terrace, Unley, South Australia 5061.

This event is organised by the City of Unley, Rotary Club of Hyde Park and Eastside Business Enterprise Centre Inc.

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Dr. John Flackett: Artificial Intelligence Speaker

Co-founder/Head of AiLab and Co-Founder/Director of koolth

Twitter Handles: @drpuffa | @_AiLab
LinkedIn: John's Profile

Dr. John Flackett is a renown Artificial Intelligence international speaker; having presented key insights on emerging technology’s future impact on society and the workforce. With over 20 years of AI experience, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and contributions in education, industry and community, John is among an elite group of experts regularly called upon to share his perspectives via talks, media interviews, publications and roundtables around the globe. View John’s full profile on AiLab.

City of Unley

The City of Unley is located south-east of Adelaide and is recognised for its community spirit, natural and built environment, business strength and innovative leadership.

John presents at events and facilitates workshops across the world. If you would like him to speak at your next workshop, event, convention or conference, please drop us a line.

For more details on event please visit: City of Unley Facebook