AiLab Media Release: AIML & AiLab Partnership


Bringing industry & academia together for the good of AI – AiLab & AIML partnership

Adelaide, South Australia: Monday 8th July 2019

In an exciting new partnership, the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) are supporting AiLab (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) in their mission to build global Artificial Intelligence (AI) awareness and continuing to provide AI education for the wider community.

The partnership between AiLab and the AIML will be a significant driver in South Australia’s AI skills development and adoption of emerging technologies. Collaboration between industry and academia provides opportunities to apply cutting-edge research in real world projects, which in turn promotes investment attraction, leading to job creation and economic growth.

Having quietly developed internal AI solutions for over a decade – specialising in fundamental machine learning algorithm design – AiLab co-founders, Dr. John Flackett and Emma Berry, identified the potential to leverage Adelaide’s strong innovation ecosystem, infrastructure and talent to help grow South Australia into the nation’s leading Artificial Intelligence state.

With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and over 20 years of researching, teaching and speaking about AI, Dr. Flackett is dedicated to popularising the field: “AiLab is bringing AI into the mainstream via world-wide workshops and events. We also collaborate and partner with other global experts to provide further education, insights, research, resources, policy and hands-on AI experiences.”

Dr. Flackett highlights the need for industry and academia to work closer together: “To prepare for the future it’s important for businesses to hear about the latest research taking place within the University sector. AiLab’s partnership with the AIML provides further opportunities for AiLab to build awareness about AI within South Australia and around the world.”

The Australian Institute for Machine Learning at the University of Adelaide is one of the world’s best research groups in AI, computer vision, and machine learning. Professor Anton van den Hengel is founding Director of AIML and is clear about the Institute’s trajectory: “Artificial intelligence is expected to transform the global economy within the next decade; our aim is to play a key role in helping to drive innovation and underpin this transformation,” he says.

We are working to strengthen Adelaide’s position as a destination for advanced AI research and development and ensure that South Australia will benefit. An important part of this growth is to bring the public along with us; by partnering and supporting AiLab we can bring awareness to the AI sector and provide the public with a greater understanding of AI and access to its applications.”

AiLab are also founders and sponsors of the Adelaide Artificial Intelligence (AdelaideAI) meetup – the largest AI group in South Australia. AdelaideAI provides a networking platform that brings together leading industry speakers to promote the latest in AI to a supportive, diverse and inclusive community. As well as the new partnership with AiLab, the AIML have co-sponsored the AdelaideAI meetup since 2018, providing valuable support for AiLab and AdelaideAI to be able to deliver sold-out AI events to the community.

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